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Where is HOOKIPA´s principal offices?

HOOKIPA´s principal executive offices is located at:

The Empire State Building, Room/Suite 7240

350 Fifth Avenue

New York, New York 10118

When was HOOKIPA founded?
HOOKIPA was founded in 2011.
When did HOOKIPA go public?
HOOKIPA went public in April, 2019
What is HOOKIPA’s ISIN number?
HOOKIPA’s ISIN number is US43906K1007
What is the company’s CUSIP number?
HOOKIPA’s CUSIP number is 43906K 100
What is the company’s fiscal year end?
HOOKIPA’s Financial Year end December 31
On what stock exchange and under what ticker symbol are HOOKIPA’s shares traded?
HOOKIPA´s stock is traded on The Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol “HOOK”.
Does HOOKIPA pay dividends and have a dividend reinvestment program?
Currently, HOOKIPA does not pay dividends or offer a dividend reinvestment program.
Who is HOOKIPA's transfer agent?
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC.
Who is HOOKIPA's auditor?
PwC Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH
Where can I find HOOKIPA's press releases?
You can view HOOKIPA´s press release on the Press Release section of our website.
How can I view documents HOOKIPA has filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), including Forms 10-K and 10-Q?
You can view HOOKIPA´s SEC filings in the SEC Filings page of our website.
Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please email Investor Relations IR@hookipapharma.com for assistance with other questions.